Formal Ball

Join us for the annual Matsuricon Formal Ball! This Friday night classic event has always been a popular staple at Matsuricon. Get dressed up in your best gear and prepare to dance and have a good time!

Dress Code


  • Dresses and skirts must be no shorter than mid thigh or a few inches above the knee.
  • Slits must not show anything inappropriate and should not be higher than mid thigh or a few inches above the knee.
  • No bare midriffs, holes, mesh or sheer materials in inappropriate areas.
  • No low cut, plunging necklines. When in doubt, test to make sure your neckline is well-fitting at all times as you move without a possibility of slippage. Think: a neckline that would not require the use of double-sided tape.
  • Strapless dresses are permitted as long as they are well fitting and will not slip down.
  • Under garments should not be visible at all.
  • Avoid trains on dresses as they can be stepped on.

Dress Shirts/Pants

  • No jeans or cargo pants, dress pants only.
  • Collared dress shirts are permitted, and must be buttoned at all times. T-shirts and tank tops are not permitted.
  • Formal neck-wear is encouraged but not required. Examples of formal neck-wear include: cravats, ties, and bow ties.
  • Suits are encouraged but not required.
  • Under garments should not be visible at all.

Dress Shoes

  • The following are considered appropriate formal footwear: dress sandals, pumps, flats, boots, high heels, and dress shoes.
  • Sneakers, tennis shoes, outdoor sandals, and flip flops are not allowed.


  • Cosplay must follow the dress code as listed above. If a fictional or nonfictional character wears an outfit that “almost but not quite” follows the guidelines (a character that wears a tuxedo with tennis shoes), the cosplay must be modified until it meets the dress code.
  • No props that will get in the way. This includes swords, wings, staffs, tails, horns, or guns.
  • Body paint and face paint must be sealed.
  • If wearing a wig, please be sure to keep it secure.
  • Japanese clothing, Lolita, and other Asian formal wear is also welcome as long as it meets the guidelines above.
  • Dress Military Uniforms are welcome as long as they are formal Military Uniforms. Battle Armor, and Fantasy Armor are not Dress Military Uniforms and are not allowed.

Fur Suits

  • Fur suits will be permitted if attire is dressed over the fur suit which follows all of the above rules. (a fox fursuiter but has a gown or tux over-top to fit the formal guidelines)
  • Only rule that will be waived is the no shoe rule.

Casual Hour

  • The dress code will be relaxed for the final hour of the Formal Ball, aka Casual Hour.
  • Tennis shoes, sneakers, and trainers will be permitted.
  • Dressy jeans and khakis will be permitted in addition to dress pants.
  • Polo shirts will be permitted.
  • More casual military uniforms will be permitted.
  • Other portions of the dress code will be unchanged and remain in effect for Casual Hour.