Live Events

Matsuri Idol


Welcome to Matsuricon's annual Matsuri Idol event! We are honored to announce we will be present again for our 3rd year in a row! Hosted by The M.I.C. Group, we have been bringing Idol to you as the hottest vocal competition of the summer since our group's inception and inheritance of the event at ColossalCon 2012. Get ready, as we have an all new look, new judging criteria, and a new option to offer all participants of this year's competition!

Our goal is to entertain the crowds, so we ask everyone interested to join us again this year by attending our event, but even better yet, you could become a part of the action by completing the online application below! Space is limited, so if joining the competition sounds fun and exciting, sign-up before it's too late!

Included below is the full form, including all rules and guidelines of the event and each separate round, but please be sure to thoroughly read through ALL sections and details of the form before submitting. Many things, including the entire form layout, has changed, but we'll notify you if there are any concerns since we respond to all submissions ASAP!

But regardless of whether you decide to participate or just attend, we can't wait to see, and hear, you all soon! Submit your application here!


Mecha vs Magical Girl Team Events


Capture the Flag

The Mechs are ready to take on the magical girls in all out tactical warfare. Defend your team in this ultimate game of Capture the Flag. Participation in this event will win points for your chosen team and the overall results of the weekend.


Your team is under attack! Work with your fellow mechs or magical girls to take out the opposing team with your attacks. Defend your team in this ultimate game of Dodgeball. Participation in this event will win points for your chosen team and the overall results of the weekend.

Cosplay Chess

Team MatsuriMecha and Team MatsuriMagica have gathered for a friendly game of chess. Join us for a classic game of chess with the cosplay twist. Cosplayers will be assigned roles and will take part in a game of chess. Not cosplaying? No problem, mech and magical girl players will be required to be the controllers. Participation in this event will win points for your chosen team and the overall results of the weekend.

Defend Your Base

The Magical Girls are challenging the Mechs to a battle royale. Defend your base from the opposing team from taking your base’s cores in this one of a kind game. Participation in this event will win points for your chosen team and the overall results of the weekend.

Pokémon Magical Girl vs Mecha Challenge

It’s time to defend your team. Mecha and Magical Girl Captains are stationed around the convention floor and it’s up to you and your team of Pokémon to defeat them. Challenge the five from the opposing team to earn points for your team and be entered into the Pokémon tournament to decide the winning team.


General Events


MatsuriMagica Candyland

The Magical Girls are bringing the magic of your childhood back and bigger than you remember. Join us for a lifesize version of the classic game Candyland! This magical occasion is sure to be fun for all ages. Everyone is invited to take part in this memorable event!

Who stole my Matsuri Mech?

The Matsuri Mech has been stolen! It’s up to you and your deductive reasoning skills to find out what happened to it. In this life size version of Clue, you and your team will try to solve whodunnit and how.

Anime Family Feud

We surveyed 100 attendees and the top answers are on the board! Based on a list of questions and answers provided by attendees, we will play a game of Family Feud. Players will be attendees chosen from the audience and working with their “families” they will work to answer questions based on their anime knowledge. The winning team will then enter a fast money round in the chance to score big.

Matsuricon Sings Disney

Join your fellow Disney fanatics and Sing along to new and old Disney classics. We provide you with the songs and lyrics, all you need to do is bring your voice. All are welcome to this family fun event.

Matsuricon Cat Adoption Fair

Back again this year and bigger and better than ever! Matsuricon is partnering with the Cat Welfare Association again to host an adoption fair. Come meet some cuddly friends and find one you might want to take home.

The Cat Welfare Association was founded in 1945. They are a non-profit organization that’s objective has always been to promote better care and understanding of cats while providing for the physical welfare of homeless cats and kittens.

Want to learn more about Cat Welfare Association? Check them out here, or on Facebook! Save and print your adoption form here!

Escape From Matsuri Labs

You have been kidnapped! You and your fellow captives wake up to find yourselves at Matsuri Labs, the leader in superhuman research. You are about to become test subjects against your will. You have to use all of your skills and combined brainpower to find all the clues that are around the lab to escape. You have 30 minutes to get out of the lab before the scientists arrive to begin their work ON YOU!

To pre-register to guarantee a time, please fill out our form. Once all of these spots are full, we will only be taking sign-ups at con.

Bubble Pop Burlesque

Bubble Pop is a burlesque troop that performs at conventions across the country. They bring unique style and flair of their own and wow convention audiences throughout the year. Along with their show Friday Night, they will be hosting a number of panels throughout the weekend so keep your eyes peeled.

Sleeping Samurai

Sleeping Samurai is based around ancient and modern day Japanese culture. We supply a unique mix of handmade foam weaponry and imported novelties. These foam weapons can be used in a number of Martial Art sports, "LARPing" sports, and/or as a safe alternative for cosplaying purposes. We also provide a wealth of programming in interactive entertainment for conventions to utilize, which includes, but not limited to, training sessions, instructional panels, and tournaments. All of these elements bring an exciting and approachable atmosphere to conventions. Our biggest attraction is our "Bushido Battle Arena" which gives con attendees the opportunity to battle in a safe and fun environment. All of our events are family fun and allow all ages to participate. We have successfully run these types of operations at dozens of events all across the United States yearly since 2007.