Advertising & Con Swaps

Thank you for taking the time to visit our advertising and promotions. We have an assortment of options for advertising with Matsuricon – on our website, program guide, and even areas of the convention itself! Matsuricon is a fast-growing event in downtown Columbus, Ohio — we had 5,700 attendees during 2017!

Our Convention Table Swap Program is officially open for 2018.

You may reach out to us for table swaps for 2018 at

If you would like to attend Matsuricon and see what we’re about or pass out flyers please email with your convention info. Each con is welcome to two comped badges. Flyers may be passed out with Matsuricon’s consent through email. Flyers may be passed out in public areas (atrium, food court, etc). If at any time traffic is being blocked, Matsuricon or the Venue may ask you to stop. We will try to work with you to find areas that are suitable. Flyers may NOT be passed out on surfaces or left around without permission.

Con Swaps